i Social Distancing Safety Instructions | القصر مول

Social Distancing Safety Instructions

Working Hours

Working hours should be from 9 AM to 5 PM as per the current Government regulations enforce, and it may vary according to the Government future circulars if any are strictly applicable to enforce accordingly.

  • Display the Ministry of Health Guidelines in all the Entrances and common areas.
  • Display workplace instructions.

Entrance Temperature Screening Units


  • All non-designated Basement Doors shall be closed.
  • Ground floor Parking shall be closed.
  • At Basement Floor 3 Entrance doors will be identified one at each Zone at Gate # 4,5 and 6.
  • All the Entrances door-approaching floor should be marked with circles with a minimum distance 2 meter from outer circle to outer circle to maintain personal distance before entering the Temperature Tunnel.
  • 5 doors identified for Exit purpose 3 at basement at gate # 4,5 &6 and 2 at ground floor at gate # 2& 3 rest all the doors remain closed.
  • All the common area seating shall be removed.


  • 3 nos temperature sensing cum disinfection unit tunnel will be installed at basement.
  • Temperature will be recorded.
  • If the temperature 38 deg centigrade / above will not be allowed to enter / No Entry.
  • Old age personals above 60 years and kids below 15 years are not be allowed.
  • Mall operation team must keep doing the daily monitoring of the people count & heat map to control the visitors in entrances and in common areas – IT can support.

Entrance Human Disinfection Units (it will be the same unit for both temperature and disinfection)


  • All the temperature sensing security personals should wear proper special personal protection equipment.
  • All the cleaning staff should wear special personal protective equipment to disinfect themselves.
  • All the maintenance personals should also wear special personal protective equipment to isolate themselves from common assets while maintaining.


  • All the entrances should contain hand gloves and masks to issue to the visitors including hand sanitizers.
  • All the shopping trolleys should be disinfected before customer using / touching.
  • Common areas should contain hand sanitizers.
  • All the elevators should contain auto disinfection units / sprayers.

Social Distancing Guidelines

  • All the entrances door approaching floor should be marked with circles with a minimum distance 2 meters from outer circle to outer circle to maintain personal distance before entering the temperature tunnel.
  • Restaurant seating area should be re-arranged to maintain minimum seating distances of 2 meters between seated personals.
  • In all shops one customer should occupy 10² meters floor area and allowed total number of customer inside any shop = total shopping area / 10 meter.
  • In elevators maximum two personal allowed with minimum of 2 meters distance apart.
  • In travellators at least 2 meters distance should be maintained.
  • In escalators one persons should be on one step and minimum distance between of 2 meters to maintain between two personals.
  • Personals in group of more than 3 not allowed in any area of mall.
  • Seating distance of at least 2 meters to be maintained at workplaces.
  • Meetings should be avoided or can be conducted with physical seating distance and no of participants shall be restricted maximum to 5, and Encourage online meetings.

Disinfection & Sanitization Guidelines for common and public areas


  • Ensure complete area electrostatic disinfection is done before opening.
  • All the common areas such as passages, service corridors doors, handrails, toilets, elevators, escalators, travellators, workspace, car parking area etc. complete area should be disinfected before opening.
  • All pantries should be closed.


  • All the common areas should be installed with hand sanitizers.
  • All the common area handrails, door handles, elevator call buttons should be disinfected regularly at least once in 3 hours or less.
  • All the elevators and escalators handrails should be provided with auto disinfectors fitted.
  • COVID-19 General Guidelines should be displayed on all the common areas.
  • No personal seating will be allowed, and all the common area seats should be removed.
  • While walking personals should maintain distance of minimum 2 meters apart.
  • Dust bins should be increased in food court area.
  • All the toilets should be disinfected regularly after each use.
  • Restaurants should use disposable food cover / carry bags only .

Disinfection & Sanitization Guidelines for Individual shops

  • Only 30% of total shopping area is allowed open.
  • All the shoppers should disinfect the shopping area before re-opening and certificate should be given to mall management before opening.
  • Shops should disinfect all the trolleys for each use.
  • Minimum of 10² meters shopping land area should be allowed per person, all the shops should decide maximum allowed no of personals and it should be strictly maintained.
  • Encourage cashless transactions.
  • Personals distancing at counters and at shopping area should be indicated on floor and same should be maintained.
  • Shops and sales personals should be disinfected frequently.
  • Materials and package materials bringing from outside should also be disinfected.
  • Disposable materials should always be kept in special disposable units.
  • At working staff lodging area distance and disinfection should be maintained.
  • Customer should encourage to bring their own bags.
  • Testing of all staff for Covid -19 before re-opening.
  • No refund or exchange permitted.
  • All the trolleys shall be sanitized before and after every use.
  • Restriction of product testing such as make up, shoe trails, perfumes and total closure of trial rooms.
  • Ensure at every counter sanitizer available.
  • Saloons limited to hair and nails services only by appointment with no waiting areas and implementing social distancing measures.

Data Recording

  • Each facility should have data consolidator to send to centralized team on daily basis.
  • Centralized data recording team should be established and on daily basis data should be collected from all the facilities to analyzed and display.
  • All entry and exit points data shall be recorded.
  • Auto data collecting network should be established from all the screening equipment and facilities.
  • Data should be kept securely to produce in case of Authorities request if required.
  • Data of personals movement shall be established.

Communication Guidelines with the local authorities in case of emergency (patient detection)

  • A dedicated quarantine space should be created to keep COVID-19 suspected personals before hand over to Authorities.
  • A team of COVID-19 monitoring to be established for monitoring and control.
  • Head of COVID -19 monitoring team shall inform authorities.